Practical Information for Exhibitors

Exhibition Times

Fair Opening Times
Wednesday 26/8: 10.00-18.00
Thursday 27/8: 10.00-16.00

Moving In
Monday 24/8: 8.00-20.00
Tuesday 25/8: 8.00-20.00
Wednesday 26/8: 8.00-10.00
Moving Out
Thursday 27/8: 16.00-22.00
Friday 28/8: 7.00-12.00 (if you require more time, please contact Svenska Mässan,
+46 (0)31 7088130)

Measures to reduce the spreading of infection

In order for our exhibitors and visitors to feel safe at the Gothenburg Furniture Fair we will take a number of measures to reduce the spreading of infection and to secure the environment at the fair. Click here to see those measures >>

Exhibitor Service at Svenska Mässan

Please click here to get to the web shop of Svenska Mässan with prices for walls, carpet, electricity, lighting etc. >>

All exhibitors should now have received login details for the "Online Exhibitor Service" page at Svenska Mässan where you can log in and make orders. If you have questions, please contact: Türkan Yerlikaya,, +46 (0)31 7088130

Place your orders before August 3 to avoid an increase in cost.

Partitioning walls between stands

Partitioning walls are not included in the space rental fee. Walls are not mandatory and you are allowed to bring and build your own. Each exhibitor is responsible for their back wall.

Walls can be ordered from Svenska Mässan, contact person Türkan Yerlikaya,, +46 (0)31 7088130

If you have an island stand with aisles on each for sides, only one third of each side can be covered by walls. This is in order to keep the fair as open and inviting as possible.

Height construction

Standard wall height is 2,5 m. If you wish to build higher than that, please let us know. If you wish to have advertising/marketing exposure over 2,5 m a fee will be charged.

Goods deliveries to your stand

If you wish to get assistance to unload your goods and have them delivered to your stand, please click here for further information and prices >>

Goods handling and empty packaging

Information about this will be added here shortly.


Exhibitor Insurance

Svenska Mässan, the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre, will contact all exhibitors individually regarding their insurance coverage.  Svenska Mässan requires that each exhibitor has a personal liability insurance valid during the fair period and an insurance certificate stating that you have insurance that is is geographically valid for Sweden and the validity period / period it applies to must be sent in as proof. Liability insurance shall cover at least SEK 10,000,000.

In the case that you do not have this type of insurance you must order it from Svenska Mässan at a cost of SEK 1450. Please contact Türkan Yerlikaya,, +46 (0)31 7088130 for details.



Gothia Towers
You get a 10% discount on rooms at Gothia Towers which is located adjacent to the exhibition halls at Svenska Mässan. Make your booking here >>
The discount is available August 24-28.

Scandic Opalen
This hotel is located a few minutes walk away from Svenska Mässan. Prices are as follows (per room and night including breakfast and VAT):
24 Aug      single 1150:- / double 1250:- SEK
25 Aug     single 1350:- / double 1450:- SEK
26 Aug      single 1350:- / double 1450:- SEK
27 Aug     single 1150:- / double 1250:- SEK
Booking Code: BBRA240820
Call +46 (0)31-7515300 to book, alternativley book via the website